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Featured Reviews

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Fred Urbanovsky
All good. He went out of his way to deliver on A Saturday during his lunch Break. Explained everything in detail. Friendly and great sales person for Dales. (Employee: Brian Yendrey)
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Malcolm Gaus
I had recalls on my Kawasaki Mule, my appointment was set up for nine am two weeks in advance. I confirmed that I would be there the day before. I was never told prior to arriving at the service window that it was first come first serve. unfortunately for me two other mules were already there to have the same recalls done. I was told that the repairs would take about three hours, I had other business in Victoria so I did not think it would be a problem. when we arrived back about 1:00 pm, my mule had not moved from the spot it was parked at when we left. We waited near by so that we would be ready when we were called that the repairs were completed, three hours later the mule still had not been worked on. I was concerned that it would not be completed that day. everyone was courteous and offered water but with a fidgety grandson and an impatient grandfather I was annoyed that it took an entire day, and trust me I understand that your company wants to satisfy their customers, however I was disappointed as I had other obligations to complete that day and had to cancel previously made plans. While waiting I talk to a gentleman in your parts department, he was very helpful and explained to me the installation of a Texas Hold'em Gun rack for my Mule. It is a very well built rack and the installation was a piece of cake based on the assistants and attention to detail that Kyle provided, his help was certainly appreciated. Helen was also very friendly and offered all sorts of comfort for my fidgety grandson. I was also quite impressed with your overall operation with respect to the Covid 19 pandemic health protocol. I witnessed employees being monitored for temperature and protection was provided for sterilization and additional mask were available. That gave me a better feeling about being out in public. All in All you have a top notch organization, just situations exasperated me and as I titled this response it was a long day. (Employee: Helen Clifford, Kyle Reyes)
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Bruce Wells
He's good at what he does and I KINDA like him. It's always been good at Dales helpful people I never had a problem with anyone (Employee: Ben Steinhauer)
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Garland Sandhop
Work was done very quickly and professionally. (Employee: Jimbo Clifford)
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Tyrol Norman
Very Professional sales Rep knows what he's doing great friendly Sales Rep no problems no worries in and out no hassels. Thanks alot Ben look forward to doing business with you in the future. (Employee: Ben Steinhauer)
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Gene Rydell
The service on my mule was great, quick and complete. The service dept. is one of the best I have had business with. (Employee: Helen Clifford)
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Brent Dornburg
The Service Department at Dale's Fun Center is first class. Easy to make appointment, east drop off, everything done right and on time. Everyone at Dale's is always a huge help, and they have a great attitude. (Employee: Helen Clifford)
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Jeff Brandes
I cant say enough about these folks I have listed above. These employees are so professional every time I come in and so willing to do what ever they can to assist me. (Employee: Helen Clifford, Darin Stubbs, Heather Stubbs, Jimbo Clifford, Kyle Reyes, Kimberly Phillips)
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Stephen Skinner
Helen in service and Kim in parts were so helpful and positive. Even in the midst of COVID, there were very accommodating and helpful, answering my questions and going above and beyond. Not to mention the fair pricing and speedy service, Dales is the place to go to get your machine serviced!
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Wes Hoskins
Ben was very accommodating and knowledgeable of the product line. He helped me make a good selection which made sense for my needs. He was friendly, frank and to the point. There was no high pressure sales just answered my questions and helped with the selection of the best 4x4 to meet my needs.. I highly recommend Dales to anyone due to sales and service support. (Employee: Ben Steinhauer)